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Dragon City hack tool [download]

As we have noticed that some people are noob when it comes to editing games data in order to hack it, so we have coded this simple hacking tool to edit dragon city game and have :

  •  Unlimited Gold
  •  Unlimited Food
  •  Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Timer Hack
  • Xp Hack


  • No framework software Need
  •  No Cheat Engine required
  •  Support  Cookies edition (deletion)
  •  Able to get updated !
  •  Support All OS’s

Follow the steps below to download it

Step 1 :)


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 By Sergio Nolan

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dragon city hack unlimited farm

In this tutorial i will be showing you how to hack dragon city hack using cheat engine

Step 1) Open dragon city on your browser
Step 2) Open cheat engine , and look up for this value : 32 36 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
note: you ll find many addresses in the left sidebar
Step 3) Change it into : 31 36 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00



By Sergio Nolan

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dragon city hack tricks

There is a huge enthusiasm among children regarding variety of games that are available over the web. One of the most prominent games among them which have been extensively acknowledged by people all across globe is the dragon city hack. This game is actually based upon the fact that a person requires providing guidance to his large sized monsters so that they can protect their city from getting ruined. There are various stages in every dragon game and a person can move ahead only after clearing a particular level. Individuals have diverse options available with them and consequently they can either download all such dragon city hack pastimes over their computer systems or can play them online without paying any charges. Monster playoffs do not only involve monsters but origination, propagation as well as warfare. To maintain the energy level of a dragon a person should play attentively else he may loose the game


Implementation of any dragon game is similar to the others but in this game an individual simply needs to develop dragons at a location where eggs can originate. People also require feeding them in order to make them fit for fighting with the others. Food material that is needed for feeding is produced in agricultural area .It is mandatory for a person to supply appropriate quantities of food to such giant creatures as their desire for food is too large. A person can make use of a particular dragon city cheats tool accessible and add gold, groceries as well as gems to their records. If a person makes a win over his rival partner he can easily win points. An individual can opt for any type of dragon without any difficulty. Players can also take help related to dragon city cheats from a number of visuals available and keep them for any kind of assistance.


As per the feedbacks of a majority of people, label of the game is not precise and requires some changes to be done. Numerous links are available for people so that they can play their favorite dragon city cheat sport without doubt. Certain plants are needed to feed giant animals and as a result people can grow three separate categories of plants. It must be remembered that a player may require giving food to the monster only at the time of progression. Growth of a dragon can be increased if a person wants. Also essential changes can be done in adjoining areas. Whenever a performer clears a stage and moves to the higher level, he may have to play more actively to make a win. Monsters belonging to a general breed are developed by giant animals belonging to two distinct geneses. A person must confirm whether his system is compatible or not before he plans to download dragon city cheat game.


dragon city hack tool download

A player requires knowing the password for playing dragon city hack game. A person may have number of problems if any alterations are done in the secret code. People have been surfing the web for finding tools for playing this monster game. One can simply find a number of queries that have been raised by lots of individuals regarding special ways to crack giant monsters game. An answer to most of these questions has been posted online mentioning ‘were you looking to hack dragon city?’ in which all sorts of doubts have been cleared by experts. Individuals who face many issues even after reading the instructions are guided properly so that they can save similar hacking tools from definite community websites. In present times everyone have their accounts over networking links and because dragon city hack game is available on each site a contestant can download monstrous games cleanly. If in case a person is unable to get an accurate reply he should not worry as there are specialists with whom he can interact directly over the phone.



dragon city hack tool no survey

There are assorted varieties of dragon city hack games which are obtainable by every citizen. Ample number of sites presents their consumers with most updated forms of dragon playoffs without any charges. While in many games no specific operating system is needed to play the game in others definite working arrangement is required. Individuals conduct a number of investigations as well as interact with online web professionals for finding ways in which they can acquire giant games and store them securely to play in their free times. A very common reaction which is given by people is that they refuse to take survey just because they are unable to get the games even after they use a dragon city hack tool. A player who has downloaded the capital hacking game can send the same online link to his known ones. All that they need to do is to click on the same and once the webpage is displayed they can download their highly preferred game. People are also endowed with a premium edition of dragon city game which is highly valued by children as well as their parents.



Dragon city hack tool v.3

There are numerous editions of online dragon games. Some of the monster city games are available for assessment purposes only. Many participants who take part in monstrous plays have put up an issue stating “what is dragon city tool v.3”.A reply to this question is that it is the modern translation of the original dragon game. In every reorganized version minute changes are done to make it more interesting. With advancement in technology rapid transformations are done and newest editions are offered to people by dissimilar websites. Whenever a person decides to use a dragon city hack tool for downloading it is urgent to check whether the particular game that is presented to them is free from all sorts of computer viruses or no. Sometimes, individuals start downloading specific games and just because they have some software issues they make the entire operating systems corrupt. Players have a preference to get them registered over definite communities which have been made for gamers only.

By Sergio Nolan

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